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A Star is Born Review

You probably don’t need much encouragement to see this film based on the crowds at the session I saw it but if you are hesitating, don’t. It is magnificent. In fact it’s hard not to throw every superlative cliché at it – tour de force comes immediately to mind – but they all would do […]

Undertow Hits Its Mark

Undertow shines with its target audience One of the best things about this holiday season is that I have been able to show Undertow to lots of people when I have been visiting friends and family. And, more importantly, I have been able to show it to people who are in the target audience (ostensibly […]

Baby Driver is the joy ride of the year!

Get in, sit down, shut up and hold on, Baby Driver is the joy ride of the year!   Auteur Edgar Wright, a fan boy favourite for his genre films Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim v The World, and Shaun of the Dead, has stepped up to create a film with  strong themes but much broader […]

The Edge of 17 Film Review

There’s a wonderfully quaint feel to The Edge of 17, a comedy drama about an abrasive teen, that you reluctantly learn to love. Perhaps it’s the 80’s nostalgia, which will make you redefine your youth, it’s got all of the air and depraved realness of The Breakfast Club. The Edge Of Seventeen is a film making […]

Nocturnal Animals – Film Review

Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals is a seductively dangerous tale. A film that makes you question your being, shakes you to the core and leaves you in an entirely different mindset. That makes the concept of genre’s redundant. At a push Nocturnal Animals could be defined as a psychodrama, yet it harnesses all of the elements […]

Are you having fun? 

I’m always asked if I’m having fun when I’m filming. It’s a tough question because I am acutely aware that I am doing something that I love, but the answer is very ambiguous… Film making is about as fun as landing troops on a beach in battle.  Like, you get to see new things, and […]

Jackie (2016) Film Review

Natalie Portman is one of the most iconic actresses of our time. She’s the modern day Audrey Hepburn. Her notoriety which was hailed in Leon and The Black Swan landed her with a role in this political feature film. It’s no wonder she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. Admittedly, a film […]

Beauty and The Beast – Film Review

Taking on a classic is always a daunting task & one that’s more often than not it ends in disappointment. However there was something different about the remake of Beauty and The Beast. There’s a totally different air and excitement for this nostalgic classic to be reinvented with a modern day of romance and top […]

Kong Skull Island – FIlm Review

As one of the icons of films, King Kong has gone through a myriad of depictions on-screen. Jordan Vogt Roberts 2017 reboot, Kong: Skull Island is another reimagining of the giant ape and manages to be a worthy addition to the cinematic lore of King Kong. The film follows a team of scientists, soldiers and […]

Split – Film Review

Split: Some people never experience madness, what terrible lives they must lead. In 2017 M Night Shyamalan returned after pallid attempts to recreate the horror that fan’s witnessed in The Sixth Sense.  Split marks his return. Split is a classic portrayal of his work with a hint of Hitchcock inspired horror and suspense. When Casey […]