The Clapper said, “Director: Peter Spann, and I get to call “Action”.

But I’ve gotta say the first time I heard the (16mm film) camera turn over and make that little clicking sound I let it roll for a few seconds because I knew I would never hear that glorious sound for the first time ever again!

We were on set for my first film at film school, Heavy Heist.

Making a film, even a little one like this, is all consuming, especially when you want to do a good job.

I’ve pretty much been fully engaged in this for the six weeks, working every day to handle the thousands of minute details that go into a film, even one that only lasts 7 minutes.

And of course, in a Film School environment nobody knows what they are doing (including me) so the learning curve is huge!

Couple that with the School’s desire for a learning outcome and “massaging” the process to get that, and things can get a little tense to say the least.

In this production we didn’t really get to choose who we worked with.  On the surface we did but there’s that “massaging” I was talking about.  Ironically I’m not sure if I’d hand-picked my people that there would be any less frustration.

It might have been from another direction but it would still have been there.  In the end I think out of all the crews allocated, I had one of the strongest.

Peter Spann with Heavy Heist Crew

And just like an employee who’s placement guarantee is up I’ve started getting phone calls from other film schools asking how I am going?  How do they know that peak frustration hits about now?  LOL

What do you do with a student like Peter Spann?  LOL

Of course no one at the school is quite used to dealing with someone like me and to be fair that requires me to adjust just as much as them, so some moments of hilarity have ensued.

Peter Spann Directs Heavy Heist

But the worst thing of all is that the classrooms have been VERY hot in summer, so by three in the afternoon with blood sugar running low I’ve gotten a bit of a reputation for nodding off!  Some of my closer friends in the classes look out for it and send me a text when they see my heavy eyelids!  LOL  It’s a cliché – mature age student!!!

I’m starting to make some friends – the age gap is difficult.  I have no trouble getting on with young people but there’s huge diversity here as well – age, gender, culture, orientation, ethnicity, and so on, so always a pothole for someone as un-PC as me to navigate.

But I figure I’ve got to take advantage of every moment at film school to film.

As my trainer used to say “we’re not here to put socks on centipedes!”   I never really figured out what that meant but I think you get the idea.

I’m putting together a small group of people I enjoy working with and I just want to film until we drop!!

I figure, there’s only two outcomes – we make great short films and we learn or we make crap short films and we learn!  So it’s all good.

Ok, well, that’s been a great distraction but now back to Heavy Heist.

Then another month of edit and post production.  3 months work for a 7 minute film!!!

Peter Spann film Heavy Heist in the can


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