I have never been more emotionally challenged than I have been at film school. I have laughed, I have cried, I have experienced great joy and even greater anger, I have reached out and lashed out, all my many weaknesses have been exposed and my strengths tested. I have won friends and made enemies. Some people have deeply engaged with me, others ignore me. I have been lauded and praised in the highest magnitude and derided & torn down, most often justifiable criticism. I have discovered great passion but also great apathy. It’s like everything, everything (good & bad), in my system has been switched on, turned up, super charged, and that’s just been 5 months!
I have made magic and I have made rubbish.
And yet I know, when I am on set with a motivated crew and a hand selected cast, time slows and fastens at once.
I sit mesmerised by words I have written coming alive in the hands, hearts and passion of these beasts called actors and moments later I see it enhanced, enlarged and energised by talented crew.
This is what I want to do for every second of what’s left in my life.
And God help those who stand in my way!