Heavy Heist

“Heavy Heist” is a classic heist comedy where three mates go to rob a pub on race day, Directed by Peter Spann. Portly Chris is considered too chubby for his dream role of counter jumping by self elected leader Damo, however with the unlikely support of a female hostage he rises up to prove himself worthy.

This buddy comedy was filmed as a Major Student Project during my Diploma of Screen and Media at Sydney Film School.   It is filmed on 16mm Kodak film.

I believe it shows my skills as a Director in managing a complex (for a student film) shoot with up to 18 crew and 14 cast on location and even though they were cut up in the edit we achieved three of the “marque” scenes in one shot.

The film was selected to be shown on the Graduating Students night of the SFS Festival and was nominated for Best Part 1 Film and I was nominated for Best Director.   The crew won Best Producer, Best 1AD, and nominations were received for Best Edit and Best Cinematography.

A Tanuj J. Narula and Peter Spann Film

Director          Peter Spann

Writer             Scott Hermann

Producer        Tanuj J. Narula

DOP                Jarred Keane

Editor             Tye Bate

Designer         Sean Cassidy



Chris              Ron Smyck

Damo              Ben Hamilton

Paul                Garth Wood

Vikki              Samantha Lee


Supporting Cast

Race day Filles

Donna Delaney

Cassie Hubrich

Kate Street

Claudia Shnier


Sinui Horus Pavino

Patrick Maguire

Jesse King

Algamantas Abzeltis

Immuanuel Hay

Barmen John Ward

Dirk Strachan

Drinking Dudes

David Wells

Rob Holland


Madeline Jurd

Tanuj J. Narula

Tye Bate


Faith (as herself)


1st Assist. Director     David Bedelis

2nd Assist. Director    Carla Hedley

Camera Operator         Oscar Mendez

1st Assist. Camera      Oliver Mitchell

2nd Assist. Camera     Olivia Eastwood

Gaffer                          Hari Frohling

Best Boy                     Nick Brawn

Production Design      Lucas Dias

Sound                          Jack Welch

Boom Operator           Johan Freden

Sound Design             John Hresc

Composers                  Tim Steain

Daniel Thornton

Continuity       Fernanda Carmargo

Photographer   Nicholas Prokop

Make Up         Julie Wells

Madeline Jurd

Graphics          Ana Silvia

Colour Grade  Jovan Atanackovic

Sydney Film School

Executive Producer                 Michael McLennan

Post Production Superviser     Paul Black

Production Supervisor             Manuel R. Mota

Producer Mentor                     Cathy Flannery

Associate Producers

Jack Welch

David Bedelis

Tye Bate

Peter Spann


Madeline Hermann

Ali Khan

Alan Maurice

Thank you!

Ben Doyle

Fiducia Property

Gordon Eastwood

Ana Silvia

Heather Ogilvie

Jenny Day

Peter Ireland

Hayden Kerr

Jonathan Grace

Mark Proudfoot