No Shortcuts

When you’re an indigenous Australian growing up in one of Sydney’s toughest suburbs there’s not a lot to keep you out of jail except maybe boxing!

This fly on the wall docu-drama attempts to tackle one of the key issues of urban living…

The indigenous children of Redfern are 24 times more likely to be jailed than non-indigenous Australian children.

Indigenous children account for 6 per cent of Australia’s total youth population, but amount for more than 50% of those children across Australia who are locked up.

There are children as young as 10 and 11 in detention.

On the contrary indigenous youth who attend programs featuring boxing training have had a tiny 2% offence rate and they are credited with reducing crime in the local area by 80%.

No Shortcuts features three individuals who have changed their lives.

Real life stories, sweat flying, shadow boxing, early morning runs in the mist, and sliding door moments.

A Peter Spann and Tye Bate Film in Association with Aspiro 

Executive Producer     Ben Doyle

Producer                      Tye Bate

Director                       Peter Spann

Cinematography, Camera and Sound

Nick                             Nick Prokop

Ray                              James Black

Che                              Tye Bate

Editor                          Grace Vaughan


Nick (Whiplash) Ariel

Ray (Stingray) Ingram

Che Kenneally

Associate Producers

Sue Vanstone

Fletcher Potanin

Hayden Kerr

Merryl Naughton

Leisl Mott

Ann Wadsworth

Thank you to:

Anja-Karina Pahl

Michael Spann

Andrew Nesbitt

Theo Adis

Sue Vanstone

Hayden Kerr

Merryl Naughton

Katerina Morjanoff

Claire Brown

Fletcher Potanin

Leisl Mott

Amy Creighton

Ann Wadsworth

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