UNDERTOW is a multi-award winning Australian coming of age drama filmed in Byron Bay, NSW.

Bella (Jacqui Purvis) is a surfer girl. All the things that captivate her friends – boys, clothes, tanning and partying don’t interest her. She lives for the perfect wave.

But Bella has a dark past. One that almost destroyed her. One that she ran from.

Today is her first day out of rehab and she just wants to get through it but she’s terrified to encounter the demons of her life.

Bella needs to come to grips with her place in the world, her fears, and her relationships.

UNDERTOW will be submitted to both the surf film festival circuit and other relevant festivals.

It is  visually stunning, superbly acted and has a storyline that packs a punch, belying its frothy title and seeking a heartfelt relevance to today’s surf culture.

Principal production was completed in April 2017 and the film has received much acclaim in the festival circuit winning 24 separate awards by the end of 2017 including Best Film, Best Actors for Jacqui Purvis, Hamish Street and the Ensemble, Best Cinematography for David Thomas Ross, Best Editing for Grace Vaughan and Best Director for Peter Spann.

Jacqui Purvis in the lead role of Bella, the Surfer Girl.

UNDERTOW cast, Lana Spehar (playing Maddie), Hamish Street (Jonny), Maddie Russell (Jess), Sam Curtis (Nate), Jacqui Purvis (Bella).


Director           Peter Spann

DOP                   David Ross

Designer         Kayla Crowe

Screen Play    Laura Bloom



Bella                Jacqui Purvis

Jess                  Maddie Russell

Maddie            Lana Spehar

Jemma             Maddie Baillie

Jonny               Hamish Street

Nate                 Sam Curtis


1st AD                Nathan Tommasi

2nd AD              Rishi Sheldon

Camera              Benjamin Powell

Drone and Underwater Camera Connor Rancan

Continuity        Andy Jans-Brown

Sound                Ryan Bullivant

Boom                Asha Hay

Surfer Girl – Test Shoot

Director           Peter Spann

DOP                   Olivia Eastwood

Designer         Sean Cassidy

Screen Play    Peter Spann



Bella                Jacqui Purvis

Jess                  Michelle Reed

Maddie            Lana Spehar

Jemma             Lauren Lofberg

Jonny               Nathaniel Young

Nate                 Hamish Street

Dealer              Sean Cassidy


1st AD                  David Bedelis

Stand In DOP    Jarred Keane

Camera               Jade Lowry

Osmo Op            Tye Bate

Script Consultants

Olivia Eastwood

Fernanda Camargo


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Potato Potato              Devil by Her Side

Baerfrens                    Spacerocket

Gyom                          Hello Sunshine