This film (La La Land) is gorgeous! Old school Hollywood at it’s best. Full of sugar, cheese, pretty girls in dresses and Ryan Gosling in, well just about anything! It (quite literally) floats on air, is beautifully filmed (in glorious Cinemascope) and delicately Directed and all that Jazz (no, seriously there’s a LOT of Jazz in this film). It doesn’t try to be anything that it is not, and you leave feeling a sense of magic and nostalgia.

It’s unabashedly romantic, laced with nostalgia and ernest, and Emma Stone, with her big doe eyes and fabulous smile just lights up the screen.   She is luminous in her performance and makes it easy for us to fall in love with her.

One of my favourite scenes is where the pair dance through the stars at the Griffith Observatory, literally floating through the sky.  Lovely.

I would have liked the score to have a bit more oomph! I think it holds back so that they could get the natural voices of the actors which is great but sometimes you just get the feeling the composer wanted to let loose a bit more.

Even though everything doesn’t go exactly to plan bitter sweet makes it even better.

All in all a lovely way to spend a couple of hours in a cinema with a date (or by yourself like me! LOL).

Opens Dec 26th, 2016.