Ricochet Surf Dog

Ricochet Surf Dog changes people’s lives

While doing research for my short film “Surfer Girl” i came across a very special surfer girl, Ricochet Surf Dog extraordinaire.

Ricochet virtually failed in her puppy service dog training because she loved chasing birds but she also has a very special talent – she surfs, and she uses that talent to help teach special needs kiddies, PSTD sufferers and other people how to surf.

She self selected how to serve in this world by jumping on a surf board with a child with a disability and it all took off from there.



When you have a disability often the biggest problem with surfing is balance, so Ricochet stands on the board and helps balance it so the rider doesn’t fall off, and if they happen to do so she is right there to keep them above water until help arrives.



In addition she has raised over $500,000 for charity.  And is the first Canine Ambassador for Surfers with Disabilities℠

She has her own website and a Facebook page. And she’s spawned a whole wave of new service dogs who surf.  She is a multi-award winner, including the AKC Award for Canine Excellence, the American Humane Association Hero Dog Award, and Dog of the Year from the ASPCA.

Competitive Dog Surfing is a Thing – Who Knew?

Ricochet also surfs for fun and has just retired from competitive surfing.  She regularly placed in the top three in dog surfing competitions (yup, it’s actually a thing) including the Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition.

It’s her incredible intuition about what a person needs that makes her Paws On Healing so successful.  She seems to know exactly how to adapt to each person she meets to give them what they need to heal.  She’s incredible.

If you’d like to know more about Ricochet and her story watch this video although I need to warn you, tissues may be necessary!


by Peter Spann

Film Maker | Business and Speaking Coach | Writer | Investor





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