Sydney Short Film - Peter Spann Director | Starring Jacqui Purvis


“Sydney” starring Jacqui Purvis

Sydney is a brand new short film Directed by Peter Spann, starring Jacqui Purvis, shot in, well where else, Sydney in May 2018.

It is currently being released to film festivals world wide.

“Sydney” is a snippet of highly complicated modern love with the city forming both a scenic backdrop to the film and a powerful driving character by itself.

The main character Callie (Jacqui Purvis) is the type of part it girl who falls through life creating chaos and destruction but always seems to be able justify her actions.

Callie wants a cupcake for a very special reason and her ex-boyfirend celebrity chef Karl seems like the obvious person to get it from but an explosion follows.

It’s about what lengths people will go to for the tiniest of reasons once they are set on a course of action.