The Hotel Fantasma 

Up and coming young artist Chloe Helpmann is invited to teach a prestigious art Salon at a grand but fading hotel by the sea and soon becomes engulfed in the lives, intrigues, and problems of its quirky owner and her even more eccentric guests.

Chloe Helpmann’s life is quietly falling apart.

Fresh from a distinguished study period at the Paris Académie, Chloe should be enjoying the fruits of her blossoming career as a feted and highly sought after young painter cracking open the elite, wealthy and extremely critical Melbourne art scene, but her confidence is at an all-time low, her latest showing a rare flop, and her uber art agent boyfriend paying more attention to his new gallery intern than her.

She needs a break and it seems to come in the form of a mysterious invitation to teach at a “prestigious Art Salon” at the famous Hotel Fantasma situated in Port Fairy, on the Victoria coast.

Port Fairy’s art scene is blossoming and Chloe fancies herself as one of the “angry penguins” a modernist literary and artistic movement that sought to shake up the entrenched cultural establishment of Australia in the 1940s.

Time in the sun, painting and hanging out with fellow artists is just what the doctor ordered.      But little is as it seems and Chloe is about to be engulfed in intrigue and betrayal.